Vodafone Webmail – Step by Step Guide About Vodafone Login

Last updated: February 23rd, 2022

In New Zealand, Vodafone is one of the most significant connectivity and digital service providers, and they believe that to work in collaboration with the world’s most advanced digital networks, New Zealanders will thrive.

It is great that Vodafone offers its customers the opportunity to remain updated with all their messages through their Webmail service. Mobile devices or any other type of device can be used to access voicemail or email messages. 


The content of all messages is checked for spam, viruses, and other harmful elements. The Vodafone email service will block emails from known spam sources and from emails with infected attachments. When a legitimate, but unsolicited, message is sent, it will be flagged as spam before delivery.

An email will be sent to all customers of Vodafone informing them of the closure, as well as information about setting up AutoForwarding and a brief orientation about Gmail and Outlook. 

Vodafone webmail login or Vodafone Sign in

vodafone webmail

A user name or your mobile number is required to access the voda mail or sign in to webmail when using the Vodafone service. If you follow the steps below, you can log into your Vodafone account.

  • This webpage link first needs to be opened.
  • Simply fill in your username or e-mail address in the Username or e-mail address box.
  • Put your password in the correct field.
  • After clicking ‘Sign in’, you’ll be taken to your account.

Steps to Reset your Vodafone webmail password

To reset or forget your password or access your voda webmail, choose the login method that works best for you.

Reset Password Via Computer

  • You’ll need to sign in on the My Vodafone website.
  • Click on My Vodafone in the menu.
  • To recover your password, click the ‘Forgot password?‘ option.
  • A screen appears asking for a forgotten password.
  • Click the Send Email button and enter your email address.
  • An email containing a reset password link will be sent to your email address.
  • You need to click the Reset Password link in the email sent to you.
  • A screen appears asking you to reset your password.
  • After creating a password, click the Confirm button.
  • Your new password gets saved once you click confirm.

Reset Password Via Application

The first step is to launch the My Vodafone app.

You will have the option to ‘Forget Password‘.

You’ll be taken to the Forgot password screen’.

Click the Next button after entering your Username (mobile number or email address).

– Mobile: You will receive a text message that contains a confirmation code.

– Email: You will be able to access your link to reset your password.

– Mobile: Click the Next button after entering the confirmation code.

– Email: Reset your password by opening your email account and clicking on the Reset password button

Add a new password and then click Confirm.

You’ll receive the new password after clicking confirm.

Steps to Setup Vodafone Email on Android Device

This article will take you through how to create a new android phone email address, and how to link it to your Vodafone mail account.

The emails within folders need to be moved into the main inbox of your email account in order to be imported into your email account.

From an email account on your phone, you can send and receive messages. To connect your phone to your IMAP email service, you must set up the Internet. 

Following the instructions below will guide you through the process of creating an Android e-mail address:

  • Start by going to the Android Main screen and opening the Gmail or Mail app.
  • Use the menu on the first three lines of the application if you already have other email accounts set up.
  • By pressing the Add Account button in Settings, you will be able to add another account.
  • Under Setup email, click Other.
  • Click the Manual Setup button after entering your Vodafone email address.
  • Select the IMAP account you would like to use.
  • Below are the details in regards to receiving server settings.
    – Username: put username in the relevant field
    – Password: select password for the account
    – IMAP server: imap.vodafone.nz
    – Security type: SSL
  • SSL encryption is enabled for incoming mail servers – Port: 993
  • Hit the Next tab.
  • The incoming server settings must be filled out as follows.
    – SMTP server: smtp.vodafone.nz
    – Port: 465
    – Security type: SSL (ensure SSL is enabled on outgoing mail servers).
  • Then hit the Next tab.
  • Pick how often you want emails to be checked (preferred every 15 minutes).
  • Just give your user name and click on Done to confirm.
  • Your Vodafone email account will now work on your Android phone.

Procedure to Setup and Configure Vodafone email account on iPhone

It will guide you the steps of setting up your Vodafone mymail address and how to create a new iPhone email account.

All of your emails should be imported if they are in folders other than your main inbox.

You can access your email accounts from your iPhone by setting up an email account. To set up your iPhone for IMAP email, you need to set up the Internet. 

You can create an iPhone email account by following these simple instructions.

  • Go to your iPhone’s settings option.
  • To access the Mail option, go down and select Contacts and Calendars.
  • You have the option to add a Vodafone email account in the Add Account section below iCloud.
  • To add a mail account, simply follow the steps below.
    – Name: type user name
    – Email: put your email address
    – Password: select password for vodafone.nz account
    – Description: blank
  • To continue, hit the Next tab.
  • Please mark the IMAP option below the mail server drop down list and fill in the contact details.
    – Hostname: imap.vodafone.nz
    – Username: type username in the relevant field
    – Password: select password for vodafone.nz account
  • Put the following information in the fields below the outgoing mail server type info.
    – Hostname: smtp.vodafone.nz
    – Username: put the email address as username
    – Password: select password for vodafone.nz account
  • Save by clicking Save Button.
  • Click Settings – Vodafone Account – Advanced tab and fill in the Incoming Settings information details.
    – Use SSL: Yes
    – Authentication: password
    – Server Port: 993
  • The following details should be entered below the incoming settings.
    – Use SSL: Yes
    – Authentication: password
    – Server Port: 465
  • Once this is completed you may access your Vodafone email accounts from your iPhone device.

Setup and Configure Vodafone email account on Outlook

With this guide you will learn how to set up your mail vodafone accounts with a Microsoft Outlook software email account.

To ensure that all of your emails are imported into your email account, you have to move all emails that are inside folders into the main inbox.

Using Outlook software, you can use your email accounts to send and receive emails. It is necessary to set up the Internet before setting up your iPhone to receive IMAP email.

Please follow these steps to create an Outlook email account:

  • Launch Outlook then click the File tab in the upper right corner of the software.
  • Add an account by choosing Add Account.
  • Tap the Next button after selecting Manual Setup or Additional Server Types.
  • You may connect a POP or IMAP email account.
  • Input the following information on IMAP and POP Accounts below.
  • Details for User Information:
    – Your Name: any name you like
    – Email Address: type email address
  • Details for Server Information:
    – Account Type: choose POP server
    – Incoming mail server: pop.vodafone.co.nz
    – Outgoing mail server (SMTP): smtp.vodafone.co.nz
  • Details for Logon Information:
    – User Name: type username
    – Password: select the password for your account
    – Check password: Remember password is selected
    – Require logon using secure password authentication: No
  • To proceed, click Next
  • Keep Outlook open until all mails are fetched.
  • The process is complete, you can now send and receive vodafone.co.nz vodafone emails via your Outlook software.

Outlook account and transfer on your Vodafone emails

  • To get started, log into Outlook.com.
  • Sign up by clicking the Sign up button.
  • You are redirected to the Create your account page.
  • Set up a new Outlook account by entering the information from the required fields.
  • Create an account by clicking Create account.
  • You will be directed to your new Outlook email and be asked to set your preferences.
  • Click Next to proceed with your preferences.
  • The Outlook Inbox will open automatically.
  • Click on the help button to get helpful tips on how to get the most out of your Outlook email.

How to Set up your BlackBerry Internet Email Service?

POP and IMAP or mail forwarding options allow BlackBerry Internet Email users to access multiple Internet-based email accounts using a single BlackBerry device. 

When emails arrive at any of the email accounts set up on the BlackBerry device, BlackBerry ensures that your device gets notified.

The easiest way to access your email voda on your BlackBerry device from your existing email account is to use your BlackBerry Internet Service website account.

Setup BlackBerry email account

  • Click on the Menu key twice and find “Email Accounts”.
  • Go to “Email Accounts”.
  • Click Setup in the menu.
  • Choose Email Accounts from the drop-down menu.
  • 9810 and Log on to BlackBerry Torch.
  • To access your BlackBerry ID, go to BlackBerry Login.
  • In case you have already set up a voda email account option.
  • Set up another email account by hitting the Set up another email account option.
  • Choose the provider you need.
  • You can choose Windows Live or AOL.
  • To access the necessary domain, click on it.
  • Put in your email address here.
  • Please type your email address into the email field.
  • Decide on your password.
  • Put the password of your email account from your email provider in the Password field below.
  • To continue, press the Continue button.
  • Select your email account and click Change Settings.
  • Name the email account (such as “Private” or “Work”) by typing it in the field under Email Account Name.
  • Keep clicking Continue.
  • To last save and exit, click the Save and Exit button.

How to Export Contacts on Vodafone webmail?

The following document covers exporting your contacts from a Vodafone webmail account to a new account on Outlook.com.

Export Contacts From Vodafone Webmail

  • Sign in to Vodafone’s webmail.
  • Click the Address Book icon from the top of the screen.
  • The addressing book will display all your contacts individually as well as in groups.
  • To transfer contacts to Outlook.com, choose the contacts to be transferred in groups or separately.
  • Ctrl-click to find the contacts you want to export, then select them with your selections.
  • In addition, you can export all contacts by clicking the “Select All” button.
  • Click on the Imageicon from the icons above.
  • The vCard format is used to export your contacts.
  • vCard format is a way to export your phone number or email address from Vodafone.
  • It will ask you where you want to save the vCard.
  • Save the file by choosing Save File and clicking OK.

You may not need to do this step if the file is automatically downloaded to your Downloads folder in some internet browsers.

Vodafone Contact support number and Email

If you need further support or advice regarding customer service, you can always reach out to your local Vodafone contact support link.

You can contact them by dialing 0800 806 106 from any phone in the United Kingdom or by calling your Vodafone mobile.

If you are calling from a New Zealand mobile phone, you may dial 0800 806 106.

You can email us at [email protected] with any questions regarding financial or corporate matters and media enquiries within the Vodafone Group.

You can also check Telstra webmail

Vodafone Live Chat

In addition to receiving information about your account, customers can also call the interactive voice response service at 0800 438 448, which provides automated information, access to the account balance, and bill payment.

Vodafone support team consists of professional experts always ready to sort out your technical issues 24/7.

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