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Last updated: February 23rd, 2022

For any business success, emails and calendars play a key role. Therefore, Rackspace Webmail is exclusively designed to handle small businesses. Luckily, the Rackspace emails are not only affordable but reliable and secure to take your business next level. 

RackSpace Webmails

As we all know that for a successful business, quick interaction and on time response is very important. With rackspace technology, you can access your important business emails anywhere at any time. Not only this, but through rackspace, you also enjoy IMAP access which is amazing. Consequently, you have IMAP access on any tablet or cell phone. 

Affordability is one of the core factors that makes rackspace popular among users. In a cheap price, you get professional features to boost your organization and business. Talking about the support, the team of experts is ready to sort out your issues around the clock. Also they guarantee 100% uptime. The strict ad-free policy ensures your privacy.   

Choose Your Plan

Every business has unique needs and requirements. Thanks to Rackspace which offers flexible options that are smartly fulfilling unique demands of your business. Moreover, you can cancel or change your plan depending on your demand. They do not bound you with long-term contracts which sounds awesome. 

Rackspace Webmail

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Rackspace Email

Not to mention, the rackspace email offers 100% uptime guarantee which is backed by industry leading experts. As far as the rackspace login is concerned, it is easily accessible using Outlook, webmail application or through cell phones. In addition to this, you also enjoy protection against spam and anti-virus. 

Rackspace email

Privacy is the core of any business, and the good news is that Rackspace makes sure that you experience premium privacy. And you never see a pop up as. 

Rackspace Email Plus

Rackspace Email Plus is an enhanced package that includes mobile sync capabilities,30GB of online cloud drive storage to serve your rackspace mailbox. It allows you to access files securely, no matter wherever you are. And they are protected with 256-bit encryption. 

Rackspace webmail email plus

Furthermore, due to mobile sync, your emails, calendars, and contacts are updated automatically. Another advantage of Email Plus is the collaboration with MS Office. Therefore, you can create and edit documents and spreadsheets through your web browsers via rackspace webmail login

Add Archive

Although this package has all the features which are in Email and Email Plus, unlimited storage for archived email is the additional feature that comes with this plan. 

Benefits Of Rackspace Webmail  

What is super cool about rackspace portal is it offers the customized solutions for your needs. In addition to this, the following add-ons are icing on the cake. 

Email Archiving 

Email Archiving keeps your data and file safe and protected in the data center.

Microsoft Office 

Microsoft Office makes sure that you always have the latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. 

Hosted Exchange Hybrid

The Exchange Hybrid solution offers you to start a hosted exchange for the same domain when your demands grow. 

Cloud File Storage 

Cloud File Storage stores your files, data and attachments in Rackspace Cloud Drive and makes it easy to access anytime, anywhere from any device. Desktop sync on Windows and Mac makes sure that you have the latest version of your files while working. 

Rackspace cloud storage

The other benefits of cloud storage includes 30GB file storage and desktop apps for Windows and Mac. Also it allows simple file sharing across your domain. You can use online editors for word documents as well as excel spreadsheets. 

Losing of files is a major problem but thanks to Rackspace technology that recovers lost files. Its Encryption version is 256-bit which is excellent. 

Rackspace Webmail Login

When you avail Rackspace services, you only need to focus only on the internal resources of your business as they efficiently manage your emails and offer productive solutions that give you the confidence to move ahead. 

Rackspace webmail login

As a matter of fact, after creating your Rackspace email account, you can use it with other webmail services. But for that, you need to use their SMTP, IMAP, and POP setting.  

Following is the procedure how to login rackspace webmail. 

  • Visit Rackspace homepage from your browser. 
  • Next, click on the “login” on the top right corner. 
  • A new page will open with the “Rackspace Webmail Login” option. Click on it.
  • Set your username and password. And click the next button.
  • After logging into the Rackspace webmail account, find out “Hosted Email” .
  • Click on the “Hosted Email” to access this.  
  • Now click on the “Begin Free Trial” after uploading the hosted email page.
  • A new page will appear. Fill-up the form to set up your rackspace account.
  • Rackspace requires your app to sign up for confirmation and billing information. 
  • Select your app tab. Now choose what pal you want: Rackspace Email, Rackspace Email Plus
  • Creation of account tab. Enter your details, your preferred domain, personal details, and Rackspace login credentials. 
  • Billing information tab to enter your payment details.
  • Now it’s time to confirm your Rackspace webmail account.
  • Congratulations! Your account is created successfully. 

Now you can easily login into your Rackspace webmail account through this link.

How To Reset Your Rackspace Login Password

Forgetting passwords is a common problem among people. If you forget the password, you can not login and access your emails and other data. But nothing to worry as you have a password reset option. 

Steps to recover your password are given below.

  • Open the Rackspace Webmail login page.
  • Click on the “Forget Password” button.
  • Enter your email address and click on the next button.
  • Now you will receive an email password link in your mailbox.
  • Click on it and reset your password. 
  • Enter your new password and click on confirm it.
  • Now your new password is reset. 

By and large, Rackspace is an affordable email service particularly designed for small businesses with wonderful features. You get the perfect technology to fulfill your specific needs. Rackspace support is unmatched and available around the clock.

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