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Last updated: February 23rd, 2022

The Optus Webmail service is an online webmail service used by Australian broadband providers. Webmail allows Optus subscribers to send and receive email from different corners in the world. It is enough to have an internet connection using a desktop, smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Optus Webmail

You can download and save all your mail into your email box without having to use a web browser. The emails you send may contain private information that you do not wish to be seen by anyone. You will use public WiFi when traveling within or outside your country to access your optusmail or browse the internet on a computer. 

Additionally, Optus ZOO enables you to design your own custom homepage and get all the latest music, games and entertainment. It offers complete entertainment packages, music and games, news and information, chat and dating, plus access to Facebook, eBay and much more.

A public hotspot is not a secure link to the internet, so you are not using it for secure browsing. The owner of the hotspot will see everything you do (browsing, emailing). It is important to resolve the problem using VPN. When you use VPN you set up a secure connection to the internet. As a result, your activity will be private. 

IOS and Android

Luckily, it is easy to use your smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop to receive and send emails through webmail Optus and so you don’t have to use a browser. For that, correct settings are essential to set up your mobile for optus webmail. 

In the USA, various broadband providers run different servers for webmail. The Optus zoo webmail service can be accessed with a conventional email client on Android, Windows or iOS. To get started, you just need your broadband provider’s email address and password. It is to view the settings and download the installer below.

Log in to access Optus webmail

In order to access Optus webmail account, you need to have a computer or tablet along with a secure internet connection. Another important thing is the Optus webmail address to be used to fill in the required fields for optus webmail login.

Log in to access Optus webmail
  1. Click on this link.
  2. Type your Email ID in the Email field and password under the password box.
  3. Next, put the Security code which is visible in the box.
  4. Lastly,  hit the login button.

How to Find your username or password?

The same email address you use with your broadband is your OptusNet email address. The information can be accessed through My Account on webmail.optus.com.au.

Feel free to contact their support team if you have forgotten your personal password or if you have lost it.

How to change Optus email password?

You can request a temporary password in the form of an optusemail or text message if you can not recall your password. The steps below guide you through the process of receiving your password.

Steps to Change Password

  • To access Optus’ webmail, log in with your current username and password.
  • Choose the Settings option from the top menu to enter the temporary password if you received one.
  • You will be able to edit your password when you choose this option.
  • Please type the current password of the User, and you will need to type in a new password.
  • Save the file by clicking the Save option.

Once your Optus email address is changed, all of your devices need to be reactivated and the saved passwords changed as well.

Windows Mail Setup

Ensure that your computer is able to access the internet before beginning when going for optus web mail login through windows.

  1. Click on Windows Mail.
  2. To get to Account settings, navigate ‘Tools’ then ‘Accounts’.
  3. Choose the ‘Add’ option.
  4. Click on the ‘Email Account’ button.
  5. Whenever one of the following fields is used, replace ‘eg. michael Citizen’ or ‘eg. michael_citizen’ with your personal details.
  6. Type an appropriate Display Name: ‘eg John Citizen”
  7. Continue by clicking: ‘Next’
  8. Enter the following information: e.g. [email protected]www.optusnet.com.au
  9. Please click on ‘Next’.
  10. Establish a SMTP server:
    Make sure that the incoming email server is set to POP3 
  11. Enter the following server name as your email incoming server: mail.optusnet.com.au

For your SMTP email outgoing server: mail.optusnet.com.au

  1. “Next” click to continue.
  2. Login to your webmail account

The username is ‘eg. john_citizen’ and the password is that which Optus provided to you.

  1. Make sure ‘Remember password’ is checked.
  2. Continue by clicking: ‘Next’
  3. Then click: ‘Finish’.
  4. To close, click ‘Close’.

Setup OptusNet Email on Your iOS Device

Setup OptusNet Email on Your iOS Device
  1. Hit the ‘Home’ button.
  2. Click on ‘Settings’.
  3. Choose the ‘Mail, Contacts and Calendars’ icon.
  4. Click on ‘Add Account…’
  5. To use OptusNet email, choose ‘Other’ to set up your email account type.
  6. Put your name in the “Name” text box to appear on your outgoing emails.
  7. Put your OptusNet email address in the Address box, then select the Description box.
  8. Your OptusNet password (the one you use for Member Services) should be entered in the ’Password’ field.
  9. Automatic detection of the server address and the username will attempt to be done by your device.
  10. Click the ‘IMAP’ or ‘POP’ button to select your email protocol. OptusNet email accounts should be selected ‘POP’
  11. Enter mail.optusnet.com.au in the ‘Host Name’ field under the ‘Incoming Mail Server’ heading.
  12. The ‘Username’ field needs to contain your OptusNet email username.
  13. In the Host Name field under the heading ‘Outgoing Mail Server’, enter: mail.optusnet.com.au
  14. Don’t fill out any other fields.
  15. Save your changes by tapping the “Save” button on the top right corner.

Change Your Email ‘fetch’ Settings

  1. Click ‘Settings’.
  2. Choose ‘Emails, Contacts, Calendars’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. Fetch new data by tapping the ‘Fetch New Data’ link.
  4. You can either turn ‘Push’ ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’.

If you need further assistance configuring your iOS email please visit Apple’s support site.

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Setup

It is important that you are connected to the internet before you begin.

  1. Navigate to the File menu on the Menu bar: Open Outlook.
  2. Add an account by selecting: ‘Add Account’.
  3. Make sure that the ‘Manually configure server settings’ checkbox on the left is selected.
  4. Press the ‘next’ button.
  5. E-mail service is selected as Internet E-mail and you are then instructed to ‘Connect to a POP, IMAP, or HTTP server in order to send and receive e-mail messages.
  6. Press the ‘Next’ button.
  7. Enter the following information into the appropriate fields. Replace ‘eg. michael Citizen’ or ‘eg. michael_citizen’ with your details.

            – Type your Name: eg.  ‘michael Citizen’
            -Type your Email Address: eg. ‘michael_citizen’@optusnet.com.au
            – Incoming mail server (POP3): mail.optusnet.com.au
            – Outgoing mail server (SMTP): mail.optusnet.com.au
            – User Name: eg. ‘michael_citizen’
            – Password:  As provided by Optus   
  8. Mark: ‘Remember password’.
  9. Please ensure that the option to use secure password authentication is NOT checked.     
  10. Next: Outlook will verify your settings.
  11. Finish by clicking ‘Finish’.
  12. After that, click the ‘Close’ button.

Optus Webmail Storage Capacity

For OptusNet customers, the total mailbox size limit is 500MB for every email account. That includes your Inbox, Sent Items, Spam Folder, Deleted Items and any subfolders in Webmail optusnet.

The mailbox size cap pertains to the total mailbox size, in Megabytes (MB), and not to the number of emails you have in the folders mentioned above. When you send emails with attachments such as pictures, music and videos, they tend to be larger than those that contain only text.

There may be unwanted email from your email account that needs to be deleted. Removing emails from your Spam folder, Deleted Items and Sent Folder is recommended.

You will receive an email if your mailbox is nearing or has reached its size limit. The time it takes for you to start receiving new emails after you have reached 100% of your Mail Quota may be up to 4 hours after clearing your mailboxes.

How do I import contacts to Optus Webmail?

  • You’ll need to ensure that your contacts are in the vCard format, which is a file that’s usually attached to emails.
  • To import an existing list of contacts, select the Import button on the Contacts tab of the menu bar.
  • Choose the vCard file you want on your device from the appropriate location.
  • After clicking Open, your contacts will be added to Webmail.

How do I export contacts from Optus Webmail?

  • From the Webmail optusnet Contacts tab, choose the contacts that you want to export. Under the More menu, there is an Export All option.
  • You can click the Export icon on the menu bar.
  • If you want to export files (.VCF for vCard or .CSV for Excel), select the format of the file file you wish to use.

How to improve your Optus broadband at home?

Our social lives, work arrangements and living conditions have been altered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is learning to adjust, regardless if you are working in your own home, learning online, video conferencing with a friend or family member, or simply attempting to stay entertained.

We know how important it is to stay connected with my Optusnet Broadband service. Despite the increasing number of users on the network, our teams work hard to keep you online and ensure to provide the best possible support.

Here are a few helpful tips that will help you keep your internet connection running smooth, along with links to our technical support articles:

Tip 1: Find the best spot for your modem

For maximum WiFi coverage, you should place the modem at the centre of your house. Keep the modem away from any enclosed space, such as a cupboard, to ensure it has enough free space.

For larger homes, WiFi mesh systems will provide better coverage, or if you have a single room with a weak signal, Powerline Adapters or WiFi range extenders might be a useful option.

Tip 2: Minimise connected devices

A slow internet speed is normally caused by having many devices connected to your WiFi network. My Optus app shows how many devices are connected to your WiFi and you can disconnect those you don’t need or could use the mobile network instead.

Tip 3: Use a cable when you can

WiFi is great for managing your connection, but using an Ethernet cable can get you the best connection, since your modem will be directly connected. Another name for it is a LAN cable, the cable in blue or yellow color that came in your modem box initially.

If you have an important meeting, you might consider using a LAN cable instead of using wireless until you are able to make the switch again once you have the right setup. In addition, the modem’s WiFi broadcast can be disabled, prioritizing your connection.

Your modem’s back should have a WiFi on/off switch. In the Device Guides, you’ll find specific instructions to help you if you have trouble with your equipment. 

Simple Broadband Troubleshooting Steps

If you struggle to work from home and have issues in my zoo webmail, these tips may help resolve speed issues, connection issues, and Internet accessibility issues. 

Before you begin:

  • Remove your VPN. You will need to test the service on all your devices connected to the VPN to determine if the issue is occurring only for the VPN service. If the problems are only seen when the VPN is enabled, you should contact your employer’s IT department or your VPN provider.
  • Check the Status page to ensure you’re not experiencing any planned or unplanned outages. There will be a text prompt prompting you to report your fault if there is a live outage. The issue will be resolved, and you’ll be updated via SMS.
  • Please download and install the Optus Home application. The Internet options click here can help you figure out whether your internet connection is up to speed, reboot your modem, see what devices are connected, as well as change your WiFi network name (SSID) and password.
  • Remove all other pieces of equipment from the WiFi network apart from the device you’re using (where possible).

Update to the Latest Version of Android

Android is always updated with the latest version, so we recommend you update your device.

Bug fixes, new features, performance enhancements, and privacy and security enhancements are often included in updates. The newest updates or apps may only operate with the most recent version of the Android operating system.

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